Take a Reef Charter Fishing Trip in North Queensland

MV Night Crossing is an Australian family-owned-and-operated charter company that has been providing luxurious fishing trips for the past forty years. Plan your next fishing adventure with your friends and family so that you can enjoy a holiday out on the water and come back with fish to cook up to enjoy tasty meals. On your reef charter trip in North Queensland, you can enjoy the finer luxuries of life, fish, and have catered meals delivered to you and your party.

We will bring you 120 nautical miles away from the shore to a remote location so you can optimise your chances of catching as many fish as possible. We provide the bait for you too and offer an air-conditioned luxury vessel for you to party on. During your reef charter trip in North Queensland, you can catch fish like coral trout and red throat emperors and take all your fish home after they are cleaned and processed by our crew.

We offer competitive pricing on our week-long fishing adventures that are customised to meet your desires. Our reef charter trips in North Queensland allow you to have a fishing experience of a lifetime on our quality vessel with exceptional service provided by our experienced crew. Why not invite up to eighteen of your family and friends on a fishing adventure offered by a leader in reef fishing so that you can relax the way that you have always wanted to while catching some of the most majestic fish available in this beautiful area?