M.V. Night Crossing Fishing Cruise Swain Reefs: Family Owned

Ready for a reef fishing cruise in Swain Reefs? Interested in an offshore adventure that maximises the excitement of your holiday? You’ll want to use a company that has a family tradition of running a fishing cruise in the Swain Reefs, and a reef fishing cruise that caters to its discerning customers–M.V. Night Crossing Gladstone, on one of our six custom fishing dories.

The owners, Raymond and Georgia Gleeson, have been in the fishing cruise business in Swain reefs for over 40 years. Our luxury reef fishing charter vessel has four ensuites in its eight luxury cabins, with two berths in each of the spacious cabins. With a fully air-conditioned dining room and bar, we offer Happy Hour on our fishing cruise in Swain reefs. Lover hors-d’oeuvres? We serve scrumptious appetisers. We also offer freshly prepared, tasty meals, 3-times-a-day, made with the freshest ingredients. The dietary needs of our fishing charter in Swain reefs customers is important to us, so please note any special dietary needs when booking. When you make your dream catch, know that it will be fully processed and snap frozen, ready for you to prepare and to enjoy when you get home.

M.V. Night Crossing’s reef fishing cruise Swain reefs’ crew enjoys the amazement of our reef fishing cruise customers, when they experience the spaciousness or our walk-around deck, and open stern. Also, our luxury fishing cruise in Swain reefs boasts a walk-on and walk-off diving and fishing platform. Made of sturdy, tempered steel and state-of-the-art aluminium, our charter vessel is equipped with satellite, TV, video, and modern navigation equipment, including a hydraulic roll control system. Join us on your next vacation and experience a true reef fishing cruise unlike any other. Enjoy an offshore adventure of a lifetime.