M.V. Night Crossing Fishing Charters North Queensland: Seasick

For even experienced reef cruise fisherman or first-time fishing cruise charter customers, seasickness can strike. You can stop seasickness before it starts.

  1. Watch what you eat before the reef fishing charter in North Queensland
  2. Bland foods are best. Dry foods like toast are good. Foods that come up the same way they go down are good also–bananas and cake, for example.
  3. Skip alcohol the night before a fishing charter in North Queensland.
  4. Drinking heavily the night before a fishing charter in North Queensland for a full-day charter or more is likely to result in seasickness.
  5. Bring motion sickness medications, a wristband with pressure balls, or bring ginger, which has been shown to reduce or stop nausea, related to seasickness, while on a reef fishing cruise in North Queensland.
  6. Keep your eyes on the horizon. Since motion sickness results from the movement that your body feels, but your eyes can’t see, focusing on the landscape or the horizon minimises motion sickness, when you are on a fishing charter in North Queensland.

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