M.V. Night Crossing, the Best Fishing Charters in Gladstone

Looking for a great adventure on the high seas? Want to fish the Great Barrier Reef but don’t want to compromise on modern comfort and fine dining?

Then the M.V. Night Crossing is the boat for you! This luxury custom built boat is made for comfortable cruising to remote locations. You will enjoy all the amenities such as air conditioning, television, movies and great food and drink. All while travelling to various secluded places! You haven’t even read about the best part yet.

Most anglers have been fishing on “Head Boats” where the company gets paid by the head so they put as many people as they can on the boat. When you reach the fishing spots, everyone lines up shoulder to shoulder to fish, often leading to tangled lines and frustration with your fellow anglers.

On the Night Crossing, once you reach the fishing grounds, there are eight small dory style boats, just over 4 metres long, with outboard motors. The fishing party then breaks up into small groups on the dories and goes out fishing away from the “Mother Ship” so there is no shoulder to shoulder frustration!

This allows for a personalised fishing experience for all anglers. It also allows you to do the type of fishing you want, rather than everyone on the boat being stuck together. If you want to take a break and have a meal and a cocktail, you just take your dory back to the Night Crossing and relax. Want to just fish hard all day, have at it, the day is yours! See why the Night Crossing is the best choice for fishing charters in Gladstone.