The Best Charter Fishing in North Queensland

Gladstone Coral Charters is a family owned business, in operation for over forty years! We offer the fishing experience of a lifetime aboard our luxury mothership.

We provide outstanding charter fishing in North Queensland. You will set sail from Gladstone, usually on a Saturday. You can enjoy our luxury accommodations and three fantastic meals each day, while we steam to the remote fishing grounds. The fishing action usually begins on Sunday morning when you can board one of our custom dories to fish.

During the week we slowly work our way south, fishing along the way. We return to Gladstone about a week later. You can fish various locations along the Great Barrier Reef or around various remote islands and estuaries. You are likely to see whales and other sea life while you decompress and get away from cell phones and e-mail for a relaxing week of angling, fresh air and relaxation.

The relaxation is up to you. If you want to fish hard and focus on the fishing aspect of the trip, we are all for it! However, if you would rather dial back the intensity of the fishing and “fish some, relax much” that is also fine with us. That is the beauty of the dory fishing system. Everyone on board is not forced to do the same thing.

For a unique experience charter fishing in North Queensland, call Gladstone Coral Charters.