Boat Charter to Swains Reef

If you have always dreamed of taking the fishing trip of a lifetime, you should consider a boat charter to Swains Reef. Commonly referred to as “Fishing the Swains” it is one of those trips of a lifetime. Many anglers feel that you are not a real saltwater angler if you never “Fish the Swains.” Cross this item off your bucket list now!

At Gladstone Coral Charters, we do not guarantee the success of any trip. There are too many variables out of our control like weather, tides, barometric pressure, moon phase and bait migrations. However, let’s just say we would be extremely surprised if you went on a boat charter to Swains Reef on the M.V. Nightcrossing and didn’t catch fish. Since the boat will work its way along the reef each day, if we don’t have much luck one day we will evaluate the options and find another spot where we believe the fish have moved.

You can target many different varieties, and your catch will be prepared and frozen for you. Between fishing sessions, you will dine on luxury meals and relax in the bar of our custom built boat. You will be served by our staff and have as much down time to relax as you wish. Whether you are looking for a relaxing trip with some fishing, or a hard core fishing trip with good food and drink to begin and end the day, a boat charter to Swains Reef is the trip for you.