Boat Charter from Gladstone

Imagine the excitement of boarding a luxury fishing boat for the adventure of a lifetime. You cruise overnight on your boat charter from Gladstone in comfort and style. You awake the next morning to peaceful bliss, over one hundred nautical miles from civilisation. No cell phones. No calls from the office. Just air thick with the anticipation of the big catch of the day!

You and the others in your small party board a custom-built dory ready to follow the expert instructions of your captain. You have always dreamed of fishing the Great Barrier Reef, and now you lower your baited line over the side of the dory. Minutes later, it happens! Bump, bump, bump goes the tip of your rod. You tense with excitement waiting to set the hook. Things go quiet for a moment. Is he still there asks your brother who is in the dory with you and has been lobbying for you to come on this trip for two years. He is hoping that the fish has stolen your bait because the two of you have a significant bet on who catches the first fish.

Just as you are sure the fish is gone, and that your brother’s hope that the fish got away with your bait seems to have come to fruition, WHAM! The rod is almost pulled from your hands. The rod is bent in half, and the tip shakes furiously with every head shake from the powerful fish. The monster is fighting so hard that he is actually pulling the dory. “Fish On!” you yell, as you brace for the fight.

How the story goes from here is up to you. Let’s see how you finish it on your boat charter from Gladstone with Gladstone Coral Charters.