Enjoy a Riveting Reef Charter Trip in Gladstone

MV Night Crossing is a third-generation family-owned-and-operated reef charter company dedicated to providing exciting fishing trips. We have forty years of experience in charter fishing at the great barrier reef and bring you up to 120 nautical miles …read more.

Take a Reef Charter Trip to Swains Reef

If you are looking for a nice getaway, look no further than MV Night Crossing that will take you 120 nautical miles away from the shore to a remote location so that you can enjoy the fishing and the beauty of the ocean. Invite your friends and family …read more.

Take a Reef Charter Fishing Trip in North Queensland

MV Night Crossing is an Australian family-owned-and-operated charter company that has been providing luxurious fishing trips for the past forty years. Plan your next fishing adventure with your friends and family so that you can enjoy a holiday …read more.

Experience Charter Fishing in Gladstone Like Never Before

Gladstone Coral Charters is a third-generation family-owned-and-operated fishing charter that has been in business for forty years. We take pride in providing the opportunity for you and up to eighteen of your friends, family, and co-workers …read more.

Take Pleasure in a Fun Charter Fishing Trip in Swain Reefs

Experience the reef like never before on an exciting charter fishing trip in Swain Reefs with up to eighteen of your best friends, family, and even co-workers. Our experienced crew will take you on a week-long trip to a remote area that is 120 …read more.

The Best Charter Fishing in North Queensland

Gladstone Coral Charters is a family owned business, in operation for over forty years! We offer the fishing experience of a lifetime aboard our luxury mothership. We provide outstanding charter fishing in North Queensland. You will set sail …read more.

Boat Charter from Gladstone

Imagine the excitement of boarding a luxury fishing boat for the adventure of a lifetime. You cruise overnight on your boat charter from Gladstone in comfort and style. You awake the next morning to peaceful bliss, over one hundred nautical …read more.

Boat Charter to Swains Reef

If you have always dreamed of taking the fishing trip of a lifetime, you should consider a boat charter to Swains Reef. Commonly referred to as “Fishing the Swains” it is one of those trips of a lifetime. Many anglers feel that you are not a real …read more.

Where to Get a Boat Charter in North Queensland

There is only one name you need to know for a boat charter in North Queensland, M.V. Night Crossing! This boat is operated by Gladstone Coral Charters. Gladstone has been running this family owned business for over forty years. The Night Crossing is a …read more.

M.V. Night Crossing, the Best Fishing Charters in Gladstone

Looking for a great adventure on the high seas? Want to fish the Great Barrier Reef but don’t want to compromise on modern comfort and fine dining? Then the M.V. Night Crossing is the boat for you! This luxury custom built boat …read more.

M.V. Night Crossing Fishing Charters Swain Reefs: 4 Must DOs

Choose a full day and up to 7 days aboard fishing charters for the Swain Reefs
Why one or more full days? You may not see any fish on a half-day charter. It is worth the money to choose a full day up to 7 days aboard a reef fishing cruise in …read more.

M.V. Night Crossing Fishing Charters North Queensland: Seasick

For even experienced reef cruise fisherman or first-time fishing cruise charter customers, seasickness can strike. You can stop seasickness before it starts. …read more.

M.V. Night Crossing Reef Fishing Cruise in Gladstone: What to Pack

Ready for a reef fishing cruise in Gladstone for an offshore adventure? You’ll want to pack to include all the necessities for your day or several days offshore. M.V. Night Crossing’s crew and captain recommend that you bring anything you feel might help …read more.

M.V. Night Crossing Fishing Cruise Swain Reefs: Family Owned

Ready for a reef fishing cruise in Swain Reefs? Interested in an offshore adventure that maximises the excitement of your holiday? You’ll want to use a company that has a family tradition of running a fishing cruise in the Swain Reefs, and a reef …read more.

M.V. Night Crossing Reef Fishing Cruise in North Queensland: Lifetime Adventure

M.V. Night Crossing’s reef fishing cruise in North Queensland has an incredible luxury vessel, with a spacious walk-around deck, and an open stern. As well, our luxury fishing cruise vessel boasts a walk-on and walk-off diving and fishing platform …read more.

Looking for New Trips to Take this Month? Why Not Try a Reef Fishing Cruise in Swains Reef?

For some, there’s nothing more satisfying than casting a line into sparkling ocean water and angling for a fresh catch. If you’re that kind of person, you probably spend most of your free time wondering how and where you’ll be able to enjoy that kind …read more.

Try a Coastal Getaway with Open Water and Drop Off Fishing in Swains Reef

Are you an avid fisher who is looking for a new experience to help reinvigorate your love of the sport? If so, you may want to look somewhat farther afield for your next trip out on the water. Choose a location that offers you something unique, or …read more.